Everyday life – full of secrets, mysteries and miracles

von Kusanowsky

Who has not noticed one’s own head and neck exercises when the infinite number of daily accruing oddities, rarities, problems, idiocies, which one after a sleepy newspaper reading in the morning, after looking into the e-mail account and timeline with a lot of trouble again, let shake out of head in order not to fail connection to daily business?
Who has not heard the groans of the colleagues at work, which after a telephone conversation just ended, softly bowed their head on the chest and shaking their body desperatly in order to pop off the listened like a torpedo fish. The daily dose stress. Moaning and sobbing everywhere! Why, the anxious but actually very devotional questions, are people so stupid?
The only thing that appears to be normal is obviously only the abnormal. Who is on issues of theoretical difference fairly well trained will indicate such considerations as too simple, even trivial, and will ensure the follow-up question:
How could it be otherwise? Who counters like this appears clarified: results of normality, given probability considerations or not, don’t show a way out. Especially highly complex systems seems not to appear being well prepared for the normal case of the normal case. In any case, the stress potential, which generates the economy system for example, can not be explained by difficulties in adapting. A second example shows the difficulties: try follow as calmly as possible one of these nightly political talk shows without being tempted to lacerate the couch cushion.

Well, who would have thought? Of course you can not derive a general presumption that modern society demands its people from such isolated observations. If one would concede that in many cases, however, should be well noted soberly that on average seen people still can compete very well. So the question would be interesting to see if there have systems set out to dare the test by consistency of meaning is enforced by stress testing.